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The National D-Day Memorial


For more information on the 5th Ranger Battalion, visit to following sites:

Maisy Battery: Gary Sterne

Digital Book: “Lead the Way, Rangers” by Henry S. Glassman

A Ranger’s Photo Album: Frank DiFilippo

Testimony: 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalion Interviews & Photos

1944 Ranger Battalion Table of Organization & Equipment

The Leavenworth Papers No. 11 (See topic on Irsch-Zerf Campaign)

U.S. Army Ranger Association – The 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions

Trapped Behind German Lines (A memoir of Irsch-Zerf) by ‘A’ Co. Section Sgt. Roger Neighborgall

Veterans Testimony: Richard “Doc” Felix, D Co. 5th Ranger Battalion 

Video Interview for Ken Burns’ “The War” – Local (Rochester) 5th Ranger Albert Ceccanti

Youtube: Interview of Dan Farley, ‘A’ Co. 5th Ranger Veteran

D-Day Order of Battle: 5th Ranger Battalion 

The American Catholic: Father Ranger


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