M1942 Canvas Sling:

Unknown Foreign (probably Chinese) Mfg.


The M1 Garand canvas sling is being produced outside the country as far as we can tell, but it is available from a number of vendors. We will be able to provide a link to anyone who is interested. The price range for this item is $7-$10. Finally someone is reproducing a more correct version of the OD canvas sling for the M1. In the past reproductions were available in khaki color which faded very quickly. They came with inauthentic post-war hardware (most notably the keeper with raised line).  These new OD canvas slings are of a decent quality compared to other reproductions available. The material is of ok quality, although mine has a slight bit of streaking, perhaps from the dyeing process. It has the correct style hardware on it. The correct hardware was the main selling point for me as I have not seen a reproduction with it. The clip that hooks to your sling loop may not fit perfectly, but that can be fixed by just giving the metal a little bit of a bend. The hardware itself is a blackish finish; it looks blued as opposed to parkerized. One of the companies offering them for sale has two varieties. They sell the ones with the poorly fitting clips, and a newer improved batch without that problem. I would recommend purchasing from Mountain State Supply LLC. Mountain State Supply has the lowest prices that I have seen on the internet.

Editors note: Recently there have been several new replicas to hit the market. Some good, some bad. We’ll use this review to springboard onto others. Still, no one has yet produced an all-out replica with authentic, parkerized hardware. Let’s hope someone (ATF??) picks up the task and makes everyone happy. And please, no happy khaki!

Written by: Dustin Day